Development partnership with HAZET

Together with the company HAZET, known as high-quality German tool manufacturer, we introduce the bleeding and filling of hydraulic systems into a new dimension.

The Stahlbus GmbH has established itself in recent years as a know-how carriers in the area of bleeding and filling of hydraulic systems on the market. Now we will think the path to the end. Started with the Stahlbus ® bleeder valve via a connecting tool up to filling machines, we will accompany all filling and bleeding processes with our own products.


Looking for a strong partner, we discovered the company HAZET. HAZET now boasts over 140 years experience in tool manufacturing. The brand HAZET has a good reputation in the circles of the tool manufacturer and stands for high quality standards with the label "Made in Germany".

Together we have developed in a first step, a connection tool. It serves as an interface between the Stahlbus ® bleeder valve and a filling / bleeding machine or tool.

More detailed information, please see the following article.



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